Immortal Rising 2

Official Immortal Rising 2 Litepaper, last updated at 2024-06-18

World of Immortal Rising

"Immortal Rising 2" is a dark fantasy RPG game that builds on the success of its predecessor, "Immortal Rising," which soared to the top of South Korea's idle RPG game charts, amassing over 2 million downloads and generating $12 million in revenue in its first year.

In this dark fantasy world, players take on the role of Immortals, ancient warriors resurrected to combat the Seven Demons threatening the world. Players, as Immortals, embark on epic quests to reclaim their realm's sanctity, forging alliances, battling demons, and bringing light back to shadowed lands.

To succeed, Immortals must uncover ancient artifacts hidden within the sanctuaries, honing their immortal essence and wielding divine powers. Mastering various skills and strategic tactics is vital for Immortals to develop a signature combat style, confronting demonic foes and towering bosses. Yet, their journey's end may not bring peace as new and more formidable challenges loom.

Immortals must unite in guilds, pooling their strength to face colossal adversaries and compete for essential resources. Claiming dominion over territories secures valuable resources and crowns the guilds as sovereigns of the Immortal realm, granting them the authority to forge new decrees. In this ever-evolving world, Immortals must navigate the shifting power dynamics, either upholding or challenging the established order in their eternal pursuit of glory and dominance.

Community Driven World

"Immortal Rising 2" empowers players with a player-centric approach to game design and governance. Players will have the opportunity to actively shape the game's direction and exercise their voting rights on game development policies. This decision-making process will be transparently facilitated through Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Players can submit proposals on various aspects, which will be decided through voting, prompting the development studio to take action. The scope of these proposals can cover but are not confined to the following:

  • Establishment and approval of the annual game development roadmap

  • Feedback and adjustments regarding growth/combat balancing

  • Proposals and approvals for the addition and consolidation of game servers

  • Proposals and approvals for the operational direction of products

  • Proposals and approvals of the scale of rewards for various events/promotions

  • Re-election or replacement of the development studio (every five years)

Voting and decision-making rights will be allocated based on players' contributions to the game or their assets recorded on the blockchain. Keep in mind that the implementation of approved proposals may take time and may be adjusted within reasonable limits. Depending on the nature and expertise required, DAOs may be split or integrated to best manage specific proposals.

Mission & Vision

We aspire for our players to rise above being mere consumers of the game, and instead join us as active contributors in building and expanding the Immortal World.

Traditionally, game companies have monopolized the value generated from players' time and resources, excluding them from decision-making and ownership rights. We believe the gaming world needs to evolve towards a more progressive and democratic model. Relying solely on the unilateral decisions of game companies for the ecosystem's sustainability is not viable; players should be recognized as the principal agents and rightful owners, empowered to make decisions. Immortal Rising 2 embodies our commitment to actualize this vision.

We are dedicated to delivering value and enjoyable experiences through our games. Beyond this, we firmly believe that players and the community should be the true owners of the virtual game world. This belief aligns with the direction in which the gaming world can truly thrive and persist, embodying the genuine values that games should aspire to uphold.

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