The Immortals

Disclaimer: This section will evolve depending on the project's stage.

Building a community isn't easy; it's hard work. However, the power of community is undeniable in the realm of Web3 projects and we're committed to building one of the most immersive and engaging communities for Immortal Rising 2 - one that will merge both benefits of web2 and web3.

As we designed the community framework for IR2, our vision extended beyond being just a platform for sharing news, announcements or game insights. While we would encompass all of that, but the community should also have its defining culture that is shaped by the members.

The beauty of web3 is that the community possesses a voice, ownership and governance in the projects that they support. As we build the community together, we will prioritize giving back to our community as we firmly believe that the community is the backbone of our project and your support is invaluable as we strive to build something exceptional together.

In the coming months, we will introduce various community initiatives and events such as the content creator program, community guilds, and more as we continue to grow. However, these plans can only come to fruition with the support of a strong and vibrant community.

To reward and honor our community members, we have launched Immortal Vault, a quest platform designed to foster engagement and reward users for their contributions. This initiative offers exclusive benefits to our founding community members, including alpha access, early previews, and exciting opportunities aligned with the roadmap.

We're still very early and we invite you to embark on the Immortal Rising 2 journey with us. In the weeks ahead, we'll be unveiling surprises and exciting opportunities so don't miss out.

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