Roadmap and Key Features

Disclaimer: This section will evolve depending on the project's stage.


  • 2024 3Q : Immortal Rising 2 Global Launch

  • 2024 4Q : Immortal Token($IMT) Generation Event / Mercenary NFT

  • 2025 1Q : DAO / In-Game Governance

  • 2025 2Q : Guild War Tournaments / Marketplace

  • 2025 3Q : World Raid / Multi-Chain Integration

  • 2025 4Q : New PVP Mode / Kingdom System

  • 2026 : Sanctuary

The ultimate development goal of Immortal Rising 2 is to enable players to continuously expand their gaming experience while building a complete, new world through solidarity and competition with other players.

Key Features

  • The journey of Immortals to save the world from the Seven Demons.

  • Crafting a unique combat style by collecting artifacts and combining various skills.

  • A player-centric game society that evolves from guild wars to kingdoms.

  • Functional expansion of game assets and character/mercenary NFTs based on interoperability.

  • Boss Raid MOD linked with Verse 8, featuring stages and battles designed by users themselves.

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