Introducing Immortal Vault

What is Immortal Vault?

You can access the Immortal Vault here (

  • We believe that community is the key to success in a Web3 game and recognize the immense value of your support. To show our gratitude for your support and to share the success of this project, we have prepared the Immortal Vault.

  • Immortal Vault is a quest platform rewarding you with ORB for each mission you complete. TL;DR, the time and resources you invest in supporting our project and community will be rewarded.

How can I participate?

  • Signing up is quick and easy. You can sign up using Google, Apple or your Web3 wallet (although this function is still in development and will be available soon). We recommend creating your account using the Google or Apple account that you plan to use for the upcoming game.

  • That’s it! You are now eligible to participate in the Immortal Vault and start collecting ORB from various missions.

What is ORB?

  • ORB is a loyalty points system that measures your engagement with Immortal Rising 2.

  • Basically, the more 𝗢𝗥𝗕 you collect, the greater your rewards will be 😎.

  • With ORB, you can unlock epic rewards such as whitelist access, giveaways & more at key milestones including pre-registration, grand launch, TGE, genesis mint & beyond.

Earn ORB

  • There are two main ways to earn ORB.


  • Check the Mission menu to see the available missions you can participate in. They will cover onboarding, gameplay, community engagement, and content creation. Here are some of the missions that will be available:

    • Gameplay and Feedback: Join CBT and share your opinion.

    • Social Media Engagement: Follow our official accounts and share our posts.

    • Community Events: Participate in community events.

    • Quizzes: Keep up with our content available via news, Discord, and subscribe to our newsletter. Find the right answers and earn ORB.

  • These are just the beginning. More missions will be added leading up to the game launch and TGE, providing you with more opportunities to earn ORB.


  • Invite your friends and earn rewards together.

  • For each person you invite, you will earn 10 ORB. You can track how many users you’ve invited in the Referral menu, and see the total ORB earned from invites in the “Total ORB from invites” section.

  • Invites are crucial because of the Referral ORB Bonus. You’ll earn an additional bonus of 10% of the ORB that your invitees earn. In the Referral menu, you can see the recent activities of the users you’ve invited and the Bonus ORB earned through them.

  • Your slots are limited. While inviting many users is important, focus on inviting those who will genuinely engage with our community.

  • Help your invitees complete missions - the more active they are, the more bonuses you receive

What is ORB Boost?

  • We are gamers. And we know that sometimes, like during a raid, coming together and pooling our efforts quickly can help us achieve greater goals. To ensure we can concentrate our firepower swiftly, we've included special and limited rewards to the ORB system.

  • Certain missions come with bonuses that are only available to a limited number of participants or for a limited time. We call these bonuses "Boosts." Missions with active Boosts will be highlighted on the mission card.

  • Don't worry if you miss a Boost. There are plenty of missions waiting for you before the game launches and more Boost opportunities may come up. Stay tuned and stay active in our community.

What rewards can I expect from ORB?

  • In-Game Items: Earn exclusive bonus items that can be used within the game. These will help boost your growth and provide a head start from day one.

  • Additionally, we’ll be revealing more exciting rewards so make sure to follow us across our socials.

Extra Details about ORB

  • ORB is not a consumable currency. It would be strange if your loyalty disappeared just because you exchanged it for rewards. Don't worry about losing your ORB. Even when you claim rewards, your ORB will not decrease.

  • The amount of ORB you can earn from each mission or through referrals can increase or decrease without prior notice. However, we will not reduce the ORB you have already earned.

Need help?

  • We're sorry that you're experiencing issues. Please don't hesitate to contact our support team, and we'll be happy to help resolve your issue.

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